Submission of applications

All candidates are required to submit the following documents:

  1. An application form with a personal statement of purpose (stating why you want to participate in this program and describing future career plans).
  2. A curriculum vitae.
  3. Certified copies of first degree obtained.
  4. Certified copies of related transcripts (course marks), translated into either English or Greek where necessary.
  5. Proof of proficiency in English.
  6. Foreign applicants must certify or demonstrate progress in learning of the Greek language.
  7. Two letters of recommendation (of which at least one must be from a faculty member of the university from which you graduated). Such letters should have an original signature and stamp of the originating institution, and be attached to the application in a sealed envelope with the referee’s signature over the flap.
  8. Work experience, proficiency in other languages, and holding of a postgraduate degree are welcome and will be additionally evaluated.

The Steering Committee of the Graduate Program invites candidates who meet the above criteria to pass the interview process.

Those students are expected to graduate in the academic year of application must submit a signed declaration (Article 8, N. 1599/1986) in stating (a) their current average mark; (b) the number of courses remaining in order to graduate; and (c) a commitment to submit their final degree at registration in September.

The evaluation criteria and the corresponding maximum severity per criteria are as follows: (a) undergraduate degree, weighting factor 20%, (b) the existence of another postgraduate degree, weighting factor 20%, (c) Demonstrate knowledge of foreign language Eastern countries and/or Europe outside parent weighting factor 10%, (d) existence of proven professional experience related to the subjects of Graduate Program, weighting factor 10%, (e) an assessment of references, weighting factor 20% (g) an assessment of the “Statement of Purpose” and interview weighting factor 20%.

The code of the University of Macedonia for the TOEFL is: 7006.

Eligibility Requirements/Degrees

The Program of Graduate Studies admits graduates of the Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies of Faculty of Economics and Regional Studies, graduates of Social Sciences and Humanities (i.e. Philosophical Departments, Area Studies, Political Science, International Relations etc.) as well as to the corresponding Technological Educational Institutes in Greece or abroad.

Application Evaluation

The Steering Committee of the Graduate Program is responsible for assessing candidates who timely submitted all the required documents.


Candidates graduate students who have accepted the offer in the program are required to pay the amount of 500,00 € for validation of their participation in the Graduate Program within thirty (30) days from the date of the offer of the position. This amount is paid over as part of tuition. This amount is not refundable if the candidate is a graduate student fails to register in the program.