Bulgarian literature and cultural criticism

Instructor(s): Stephanie Filipova-Mertzimeki

Course abstract:

The course aims at presenting the Bulgarian literature during the 19th and 20th century (literary currents, works and authors) and mainly on studying and analyzing literary texts. “Cultural” element is defined as the criterion of studies, in which, elements of history, psychology, anthropology, sociology, ethnology etc coexist too. Keystone of analysis is the “organization” of the cultural identity of Bulgarians and its interpretive approach through specific aspects (topics) of historical and socio-political expression, such as «stereotypes of collective historical consciousness», «national pride» and «patriotism», «memory of tastes» and «geography of otherness». The goal of each topic is to develop the critical and conceptual skills which are necessary for the valuation of literature as cultural experience and the exploration of the multiple ways to study it. For this reason the teaching material includes representative literature study texts that have been translated into Greek; texts of folk fiction and screenplays; as well as texts of authors who were once left in the sideline of literary criticism (see. dissidents and writers of minority populations).

Indicative bibliography:

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Literature study texts. Excerpts from:

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