Space and cultural management in the Balkans and SE Europe

Instructor(s): Eleni Gavra, Panagiotis Michailidis and Kleoniki Gkioufi (external partner)

Course abstract:

The subject of the course is the management and promotion of the cultural heritage of a place. The enhancement and protection of the image of the city by focusing on sustainable development, is the prime example of this inquiry. Within the geographical reference area of the course (SE Europe) they are examined issues of city planning and communication policies for the management of cultural heritage. Access to knowledge and practices concerning the meeting of different cultures, understanding people and cultures, promotion of local culture, acceptance of diversity, as those are reflected in space and create triggers for the management of cultural heritage in the Balkans and Eastern Europe are requested / objectives of this course. Alongside, it is attempted the education in strategies of promotion and management of “cultural identity” of a place through the use of new digitization technologies.

Indicative bibliography:

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Detailed course syllabus:

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