Art Reading Colloquium: Texts/ Inscriptions/ mages (Σόφια, 8-10 Απρ 2016)

The Institute of Art Studies, BAS holds its Art Readingscolloquia on a yearly basis. Since 2015, the conference has been divided into two modules: Old Art & New Art. This year’sOld Art module titled Heroes/Cults/Saints was occasioned by the 500th anniversary since the dormition of St George the New Martyr of Sofia. It was attended by renowned researchers from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Albania and the Republic of Macedonia. The organisers strive to offer a developing annual platform for art historians, archaeologists, musicologists, literary historians and architects from the Balkans, who are exploring arts from Antiquity to the end-nineteenth century.

The next conference, slated to be held in early April 2016, is themed Texts/Inscriptions/Images. Generally, this wording evinces the idea of examining the role of word in arts as well as presenting art itself as a language and correspondingly, as communication.

The expectations of the organisers are to encourage presentation of papers that would come up with texts significant to the development of arts, setting sustainable trends in shaping the tastes both of the artists themselves and the recipients of arts. These could be ancient treatises on painting, architecture, music or manuals containing lessons or notes by particular masters on their creative practices. Recent observations aboutrepresentations of visual arts of the type of Byzantine ekphraseis are also eligible. In this regard, literary historians, architects, art historians, musicologists and art restorers are expected to present their ideas of the so-called intertextuality, for instance, in their scientific reports.

The papers may trace the relationships between texts and representations, between canon and creative interpretations, accentuating the path of a passage from a manuscript or a book to the painted area or to re-contextualising it in vision. This segment allows epigraphers for presenting the sources of, say, biblical or hymnographic quotes and highlighting the function of the latter in the decoration of churches, commenting on the impact of apocryphal works, bringing to light palaeographic, dialectical specifics of inscriptions on icons, murals, sacred vessels, proposing instruments for epigraphic dating. The presented inscriptions may be in Cyrillic, Greek or Latin letters.

Traditionally, the focus of the papers will be on the Balkans’ historical conditions, but we also encourage studies relating geographically to wider regions. Generalising observations about the existing until the end-nineteenth century relationship between word and work in fine arts, architecture, music; their interaction with other types of languages, including questioning the already established scientific stereotypes as viewed by contemporary intervisuality are also welcomed. And last but not least, recent theoretical observations are expected about the presence of word in visual arts and about the principles of building musical-verbal images.

Being familiar with your publications and activities, we are extending a personal invitation to submit your proposal for participation in the Texts/Inscriptions/Images-themed conference within the Art Readings held by the Institute of Art Studies, Sofia, 8–10 April 2016. Each paper should last no longer than 15 minutes in Bulgarian, English, French or German. Using multimedia is highly recommendable. No registration fees. The papers will be published in a separate volume.

Deadline for submission of your title proposals and abstracts: 1 November 2015 at (This early proposal submission deadline, especially for our foreign colleagues, is necessitated by raising external funds for the event.)

Yours faithfully,

Assoc. Prof. Emmanuel Moutafov, Ph.D

Director of the Institute of Art Studies

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