An International Interdisciplinary Conference for BA, MA, and PhD Students

Slavonic Seminar,                                                                  Bulgarian Cultural Institute
Albert-Ludwig University                                                        Haus Wittgenstein,
D-79085 Freiburg                                                                  Parkgasse 18 A-1030 Vienna


An International Interdisciplinary Conference for BA, MA, and PhD Students

Bulgaria in the XXI century: between traditions and innovation.

Historical lines and current problems

(Literary, linguistic, cultural, or sociopolitical representations)

3.12.2015 – 5.12.2015

Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Haus Wittgenstein, Vienna

Call for papers

The conference brings together topics in the fields of literature and linguistic studies, media, cultural, social and political studies, history, archaeology and ethnology.

Some of the suggested topics are, as follows:

  • Bulgarian culture in the 21. Century, between tradition and innovation;
  • Bulgaria in the context of Europe, especially in the context of Eastern Europe, the Balkan mountains and the Slavs;
  • Myths and stereotypes in Bulgarian culture and their contemporary use;
  • Bulgarian cultural space (for instance, the Balkan mountains, Danube, Black sea, forests, rivers and plains, monasteries, fortresses, old cities, etc.) in the past and present;
  • Bulgaria in the media and political discourse;
  • Transcultural aspects: foreign cultures as viewed by Bulgarian language and culture;
  • Archaeology and ethnology in today’s Bulgarian identity discourse

Official languages of the conference: Bulgarian, German and English.

Presentations: 20 minutes for each presenter, followed by 10 minutes for discussion of each presentation.

We are planning posters for the conference and a publication of proceedings.

Travel and accommodation would be at the expense of participants.

Applications deadline: 1st November 2015 – please send by e-mail to

Contact person: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Svetla Cherpokova, Slavonic Seminar, Albert-Ludwig University in Freiburg (Germany)
D-79085 Freiburg
E-mail:, tel. +49 761 203 8324

Organization committee:

Slavonic Seminar, Albert-Ludwig University in Freiburg, Germany (Prof. Prof. h.c. Dr. Elizabeth Shore, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Svetla Cherpokova, Mari-Noel Kol, Iliana Eldarova, Pascal Langensiepen, Lara Tarbuk, Djordje Kandic)

Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Haus Wittgenstein, Vienna (Assoc. Prof. Prof. h.c. Dr. Roumyana Koneva)

Partners: Ministry of Education and Science – Bulgaria and Bulgarian lectureships in Europa, Ministry of Culture – Bulgaria, Plovdiv University «Paisii Hilendarski», National Publishing House for Education and Science “Az Buki”, Southeast Europe Association Munich (Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft e.V.)

Application form:

Name, Surname:
Affiliation (University/Organization) and address:
Area of expertise (university major or programme):
Educational Degree (BA/ BSc, MA/ MSc, MPhil, PhD):
Title of the presentation:
Language of presentation:
Abstract (up to 10 lines in the language of presentation):
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